We are a generalist law practice based at Parramatta CBD, just a few minutes of walk away from Parramatta railway station.

We primarily focus on Property, Commercial, Family  & Criminal law matters and much much more.

We understand that clients do not approach solicitors just for any reason. We know each client’s needs and circumstances are unique – calling for a tailored, strategic legal approach to any issue or client’s request. This insight has shaped our practice and operating procedures since our inception . At our practice, we keep things simple and straightforward. We do not complicate your matter any further than it already is. We believe in resolving the core issue, not dwelling upon its symptoms. We know that all clients invariably require  professional services & solutions that are cost-effective and timely. Whether it is a simple property transaction, a complex litigious family proceeding or a serious criminal offence, we offer our clients individualised, result-oriented services. Our fees are mostly fixed from get-go. If not, it is based on time we have reasonably spent or work we have completed, or a mix of both – subject to the client’s needs and circumstances.

Most importantly, we believe in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We recognise that it is ultimately the clients’ collective trust & confidence upon our goodwill that matter most to us in the long run. And, we have done this with all our individual and business clients in all sorts of matters.

Suffice to say, our client-retention rate is near 100%. Each new client we retain, they have either heard of our work or are referred by another client who engaged us previously. In a day and age of relentless social media & online marketing, we neither sing our own song nor beat our own drum. We let our clients be our judges of our works and marketeers for our goodwill. If you have found us, then, please be assured that you have come to a right lawyer’s place.

We look forward to working for you in near future.